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What if I have Medicaid?

MCFI Home Care staff can help you obtain and complete all the necessary documents to start your services. Once the documents are complete:

  •  An MCFI Home Care nurse will visit you at your home to conduct an assessment.
  •  A client care coordinator will obtain your medical records.
  • Your nurse will complete the assessment paperwork.
  • MCFI Home Care will inform your medical doctor of your request for personal care services. A request for personal care will also be submitted to your insurance company, T19, Medicaid or Medicaid HMO.
  • You and your client care coordinator will speak over the phone or in person to discuss your hours and start date of services.
  • You will meet your nurse and go over your cares and any questions or concerns you may have.

What if I have Family Care?

You will have to contact your Family Care case manager and ask to be referred to MCFI Home Care.

  • Your case manager will send MCFI Home Care a referral for you.
  • MCFI Home Care will make an appointment with you and have you sign an intake form.
  • We will assign one of our personal care workers to you and your services will start.
  • If you choose to have a family member or friend be your preferred personal care worker, we will explain the hiring process, and services will begin.

Do I qualify to be a client?

Please contact your local Aging and Disability Resource Center to find out what types of services for which you may be qualified. In the Milwaukee area, call (414) 289-6874. For Milwaukee County, call (414) 289-6660.

Let's talk!

When you contact us, we'll begin by asking a few questions that can help us determine, together, what services would do the most to ensure your highest level of independence. Next, we'll talk about all the resources available to you. 

For a personal consultation about home care services, please contact our personal care experts by clicking here.

Milwaukee headquarters: Phone (414) 290-0050, or call toll-free at (888) 331-5696 or send us an email.

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Our mission is to provide high-quality personal care services to older adults and people with disabilities so they can remain as independent as possible.


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For more information on MCFI Home Care, please contact our personal care experts by clicking here.

Milwaukee headquarters:  Phone (414) 290-0050 or send us an email.

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